Industrial heat exchangers, heating and cooling finned coils. Heavy-duty OEM heat exchangers and process duty coils.
Chicago Blower Canada Fan and BlowerIndustrial heat exchangers - heating and cooling coils.

                                                    Industrial heat exchangers - heating and cooling coils.

Canada Blower Backward Inclined GPA Fans:

- Seven belt-driven fan sizes with 12" through 30" wheel diameters offer capabilities to 15,500 CFM @ 3" WG;
- Choice of flat blade backward inclined or super-quiet AcoustaFoil wheel;
- Easily accessible motor compartment with adjustable motor platform;
- Rotatable housing to any of six standard discharge positions;
- Heavy-gauge construction... all-welded steel housings and wheels... bolted bases... outlet reinforcing bars;
- Wide choice of fan accessories: weather cover/belt guard, spark-resistant construction; vibration isolation.

Another quality Canada Blower product - high temperature IGE fans:

- high temperature fans and blowers for operation up to 2,200 F;
- centrifugal and axial plug fans for oven applications;
- free standing thermally insulated centrifugal fans;
- variety of accessories: housings, shrouds, forced air and liquid cooling systems, shaft seals, insulated plugs.