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CBC Forward Curved fans:  
- heavy gauge industrial construction;
- forward curved low-noise high efficient steel wheels;
- packaged design provides easy low cost installation
- single phase or three phase motor;
- ten sizes - direct drive and belt drive arrangements, seven discharge positions;
<>- choice of accessories: outlet shutter, inlet / outlet guard, vibration isolators, high temperature, spark-resistant, explosion-proof construction.

Canada Blower Junior Fans are self-contained ventilators of small and medium capacities for ventilation and process-air applications:

• Rugged construction–heavy-gauge steel... fan housings are continuously welded [exception: Size 5 Junior Fan housing is cast-aluminum].
• Small packaged ventilator design – provides easy low cost installation.
• Baked enamel finish – standard finish is baked green enamel [exception: Size 5 housing is unpainted]... shaft is coated with rust preventative material.
• Fan rotation and discharge – Junior Fans are available in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation in any of seven discharge positions....