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Canada Blower is a leading North American supplier of industrial ventilation equipment: all types of industrial process and OEM blowers, general building ventilation fans, mancooler ventilators. We are experts in industrial process air and gas moving and heat transfer equipment. Canada Blower specializes in high temperature industrial oven and furnace circulating fans: heavy-duty plug fans and high temperature air kits; combustion pressure blowers, pneumatic conveying fans and vacuum blowers, dust collection and fume extraction fans, severe duty material conveying blowers with paddle wheels, building ventilation wall and roof exhaust and air supply ventilators, fans for air make-up air-handling units, industrialheated and non-heated air curtains and environmental air barriers, industrial process air knives, air canons and blow-off air systems for industrial process colling and liquids blowoff, corrosion resistant and chemical resistant fans for chemical, food, gas and petro chemical industries, spark-resistant fans and explosion proof ventilators, industrial flue gas exhaust fans and emission controlblowers, energy recovery ventilators, air-make-up airhandling units, industrial precess heating and cooling equipment, heat transfer fans and energy recovery ventilators, industrial process and general air-handling heat exchangers, finned coild for cooling and heating, power steam humidifiers. Canada Blower is a North American distributor of industrial OEM fans, blowers, ventilators, as well as fan components: blower impellers, high temperature fan wheels, ventilator blades, fan housings, fan shaft and bearings coolers; super high temperature furnace fans, super high pressure gas and air transfer blowers, dust collector and fume extractor fan components, industrial vacuum systems blowers, high air velocity and high pressure air knives, fume and gas wet scrubber high pressure blowers, positive-displacement / multi-stage / side channel regenerative pressure blowers, large building air circulation fans, duct ventilators, inline axial fans, centrifugal blowers with various wheel designs.
Replacement Twin City Fans / TCF blowers and Aerovent ventilators, Chicago Blower fans, industrial pedestal ventilators, in line fans, confined space fans, in-line exhaust blowers, radial blade fans, paddle wheel ventilators, hvac blowers, high temperature pressure blowers, fiberglass ventilators, stainless steel fan blowers, material handling radial blowers, blowoff fans, direct drive blowers, belt drive fans, air vent fans. Different models of fans are available in the market in various unique designs, integrated with the latest technologies and low power consumption facilities.

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Canada Blower Company is the engineering sales representative for Industrial and OEM fan and blower manufacturers in North America. Canada Blower fans are well know for their highest manufacturing quality, reliability and industrial toughness for many years across the world.

While using Canada Blower centrifugal fans in industrial applications it is important to perform certain common maintenance tasks to have a trouble free operation. The typical Canada Blower maintenance schedule includes periodic inspection of the following components:

Fan Impeller

Canada Blower centrifugal fans that specifically operate in dust environments can build-up dirt deposits in fan housing and inside the impeller causing imbalance, vibration and partial damage to the equipment. A periodic inspection on fan housing & impeller is necessary to remove dust particles and keep the equipment clean, particularly if it is operating in abrasive, sticky or wet conditions. In general, wearing surfaces of the fan system require repair or replacement. If damaged impeller of the centrifugal fan cannot be fixed through repair, there is a need to replace the part with a new one to ensure proper working of the fan.


Fan shaft bearings that are not lubricated well suffer with higher noise levels and improper functioning. It is necessary to keep the fan bearings free from dust & moisture and lubricate well with oil or grease in accordance with the Canada Blower fan manufacturer’s instructions. Balance should be maintained while lubricating the bearings otherwise it may affect the efficiency of the equipment resulting in higher operating costs. Checking the lubricant quality and quantity is necessary to avoid the possible damages of overheating and equipment downtime. High speed centrifugal fans working in severe operating conditions of industrial applications may require lubrication more often than those that are running under normal industrial environments.

Belt Drive

One of the main reasons for belt drive failure is improper belt tension. Insufficient belt tension or improper alignment may result in excessive noise and performance loss. As belts wear with age, make sure to keep a check on it for any degradation. If belts are in bad condition i.e worn out state then make sure to replace it with a new one and adjust the tightness to minimize the risk of uneven loading. It is also necessary to check the sheave that is holding the belt for misalignment. If fan sheaves are damaged, then it may result in improper belt tension and energy loss.


Centrifugal fan motors need to be kept clean and properly lubricated to keep them from over heating and ensure optimal performance. As with all equipment, even motors lower its efficiency and break down with age due to various problems. A motor life can be extended if it is operated within 10% of the recommended voltage. To achieve normal lifespan of motor winding, it is also essential to keep the exterior of the motor free from debris and build-up.

While keeping a periodic inspection on the above components is essential for maintaining fan operation in good condition, it is also important to remove airborne contaminants to improve fan efficiency and reduce higher operating costs.

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