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Wall exhaust fans are installed on walls. Since they are installed on exterior walls of the home and not on interior walls, no duct work is required in installing these exhaust fans.

Wall fans are general ventilation fans designed for use in commercial and industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, garages.

Direct-drive and belt-drive Canada Blower wall fan is is available in centrifugal wall fan construction and axial-prop fan construction. This is an extremely quiet general exhaust, or supply fan. When supplied with filter package it is used as ambient make-up air fan. Recommended for industrial and commercial applications such as stores, laboratories, offices, agricultural green houses, warehouses, industrial buildings; and in public meeting areas such as churches, auditoriums and theatres for the removal of large volumes of air with low power output. Designed for ease of maintenance and low operating cost combined with quiet operation and low visibility. Available sizes vary from 6 to 84 inches of diameter of the fan prop. Capacity: up to 105,000 CFM. Pressure: up to 2.5 inches of WG.

Canada Blower wall fans construction features a heavy gauge steel panel with steel frame supports and deep-spun venturi orifice. The Q-wheel is designed for applications where exceptionally low sound levels are required. Four and six bladed die formed fixed pitch propellers are statically and dynamically balanced and are designed for general ventilation applications. Cast aluminum adjustable pitch propellers are intended for industrial air ventilation applications and allow for flow adjustment.

Drive mechanism: Direct drive Canada Blower fan models have propeller connected directly to the motor shaft for minimal wear and maintenance. Belt-drive models are equipped with standard fixed, or adjustable single and multiple belts, with variable pitch cast iron pulley for adjusting fan speed. A motor slide base allows for belt tension adjustment. Belts are oil resistant and are not static conducting. Heavy-duty pillow-block bearings with cast iron housings are self-aligning and relubricable , with zerk fittings with extended bearing lube lines. Motors are of totally enclosed (TEFC, or TEAO) type. Explosion proof motors, severy duty motors, IEEE841 motors, mill and chemical duty motors, and special motors are available upon request. All motor brands are UL and CSA certifed and serviced worldwide.

Options and Accessories: Wall Housing / Wall Cabinet / Wall Sleeve of galvanized steel is available for convenient mounting and proper spacing of shutters. Automatic and Motor-Operated Shutters are recommended for weather protection and to prevent backdraft when power supply is off. Motorized shutters are available for opening/closing action on all air supply applications. Safety Guards are available in motor-side configuration and blade-side configuration. Safety cage is available for total enclosing of the panel fan. All safety guards meet OSHA requirements. Special protective coatings and alloys (aluminum, or stainless) are available upon request. Canada Blower wall fans have epoxy coating as a standard. Safety Disconnect Switches cut power to motor for servicing of the unit. They are mounted adjacent to fan panel. Fan speed controller provides capability to change performance and speed ranging from 0 % to 100 % of fan capacity for fine-tuning and balancing of the ventilation system.

Our unique  Stationary Shaft Assembly with permanently sealed & lubricated bearings ensures bearings life 300,000 hrs.

Canada Blower wall fans feature:

- galvanized hood and housing;
- six-blade die-formed steel industrial duty rigid propeller assembly;
- various accessories available: explosion proof construction; wall housing; backdraft, manual and motorized dampers;
   safety guards; weather hoods; etc...